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The Safe Money System

FAQs- An Interview of Randy Hammon by Best Selling Author, Michael Levin

Q: Why did you write the safe money system?
A: In short, I got sick of seeing all the Wall Street bookies touting how you can win, or pretending to have the right answer. If these people knew how to you win on Wall Street, do you think that 80% of Wall Street would have imploded in 2008-2009, with the survivors only doing so because of our tax dollars bailing them out?
Q: Is writing a book something you've always wanted to do?
A:There are a lot of consultants in my industry advising guys like me to write books to compete with all the crap that Wall Street is telling the public. Initially I didn't want to write the book due to the time and effort it required; however, as I got into it, I really enjoyed putting the truth into print.
Q: What's the response been to your book?
A: The response has been unbelievable. I've had people all over the country find my book and call me up asking me to solve their financial problems. The responses have come from all over the country, from people I've never met or heard of, and I've been able to solve their financial issues, which has been a blessing in itself.
Q: There isn't a lot of trust in the financial world. Why should people trust you, Randy?
A: That's a great question. You only have a couple things going for you regarding trust. Track record, and references. For the last 25 years, I've personally invested over $120 million of people's "can't afford to lose" retirement money and have never lost a dime of principal using the SMS strategies outlined in my book, because I've only used only fixed, and fixed index guaranteed principal annuities. The biggest thing people ask me is, "Is your money in this Randy?" and the answer is Yes! My money is in this. My Mom's money is in this. My family's money is in this.
Q: Randy, how did being a professional baseball player lead you to become a professional stockbroker?
A: I was a good salesman. Most people don't realize that their stockbrokers are just salesmen. They do not need or necessarily have a financial education. Their job is to peddle risk on stocks and mutual funds for their firms. If they can do that successfully, they can make a boatload of money for themselves and their broker, whether your stocks do well or poorly. That's why I got out. After a few years of successful sales, I saw through the BS and wanted out. The system is set up so the brokers always win, and the little guys pay for it. And I learned to not trust the information.
Q: How do you take risk out of the equation? Isn't money always at risk?
A: I'm an historian by passion, and I read a story about Babe Ruth in the early 1980s. Babe Ruth was the highest paid baseball player of his time. He was also a survivor of The Great Depression. I learned that he survived the Great Depression because his money was in annuities instead of Wall Street. I started investigating and doing research, and learned that in the last 120 years, no one had ever lost any of their principal when they placed their funds in fixed annuities or the fixed account of a cash value life insurance policy. I thought, "That's good enough for me" and since 1984 I have been doing nothing but fixed guaranteed annuities to protect my clients. I've removed the risk for my clients.
Q: Randy, you've been encouraging people to stay out of what you call the "Wall Street Casino". Can you elaborate on that?
A: The Wall Street Casino is like any other casino – The house always wins. Wall Street always makes money whether you win or lose. Watch the scene below from the movie "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy. This movie changed my life. Within 6 months I quit being a stockbroker.
Randy, what you say in your book is a market loss, is a lot worse than a market gain is good. Can you explain in simple terms how this works?
A: Randy Hammon: Sure, there is a simple math equation to show clients how this works.
Say you have $1,000 in the stock market The market goes down 50% as it did in our last recession. $1000 - 50% = $500. You now have $500. You've lost half your money. A couple years later The Wall Street Journal is reporting 'All is well, the market is back up 50%!' You read lne news, drink your coffee, and smile thinking you just made your money back. WRONG. In the down market you lost 50% of your $ 1,000 and ended up with $500. In the up market you just made back 50% OF YOUR $500. You only have $75011! You are still missing $250 or a quarter of your money.

The truth is, after a 50% loss, the market needs to go up 100% in order for you to JUST BREAK EVEN!

Mathematically, the losses hurt you far more than the gains help you. With The Safe Money System, you do not lose any principal in a down market, and you make about 60% of what the stock market does in an up market. You have a guarantee of principal, you have liquidity and flexibility when you need it, and you get stock market performance without risk. My clients have averaged 6-8% a year over the last 10 years, and they are way ahead of their friends who continue to roll the dice in the Wall Street Casino, because they never had to experienced any loss of principal over the past 20 years.

Q: Randy, it seems as if you are offering nothing less than safety and security in an insecure world...
A: I'm so confident that my book will motivate and bless it's readers, that I've made my book available free on my website, available in .PDF form. I want to make sure people get the information. I'm not in this to make money on books. I'm in this to make sure people get the information, get educated, and get safe. If they want me to solve their problems, I can work with them. If I solve their problems, I get paid, and that's that. The great thing is if they put $100,000 with me, $100,000 goes to work. There's no commission, or fees that I charge. I get taken care of by the insurance companies and I will talk to the clients directly about how that works. The most important thing to know is, I'm not making money whether you do or not, I'm making money, and you're making money.
Q: Randy, you refer to yourself as a financial shepherd or pastor. There aren't too many people in the financial industry to refer to themselves as shepherds. What does that mean to you?
A: It’s pretty obvious that there are crooks out there. There’s some very self-centered, evil, conniving people out there who love to “help” separate you and your money. I’ve operate my financial advice on the biblical Golden Rule philosophy. I’m going to tell you what I would want people to tell me — about how to protect myself and be safe with my money — and I’m going to treat you like I desire to be treated. That’s how I do business.
Q: Well your "golden rule" is a little different from the golden rule on Wall Street, which is "He who has the most gold, rules". Is there a contrast between your spirituality and your financial well-being?
A: No, I believe it’s all part of the same package of who I am and why I do what I do. When you say “He with the most gold, rules”, there’s a lot of Wall Street types who had a lot of gold – guys who worked for Bear Stearns, Lehman, WAMU, and the big banks that all failed — and where are they now? Sure the survivor’s on Wall Street may still have some gold left but they’re worried about being indicted, arrested, or prosecuted. I’ve read stories from the great depression about giants of industry and banking jumping out of windows and killing themselves. It’s them that you realize: money is not the answer. Money is a tool. Money isn’t evil. Money is good, but the love of money is not good. Greed takes people away from being the best they can be as a conduit of blessing to others. Don’t get validation from accumulating money. Get validation from your friends, your family, your morals, your religion, and being the best that you can be as a tool of God’s blessing on this earth. Don’t let money do that to you because you will never live up to your highest moral potential, no matter how much money you have.