Laguna Woods Annuity and Retirement Planning

Investing for retirement and finding annuity information in Laguna Woods shouldn’t be a gamble, according to local author of The Safe Money System: Securing Your Financial Future Without Wall Street’s Risk, Randy Hammon.


Randy Hammon, host and founder of Safe Money System Radio, and a former Wall Street broker, aims to educate average people in Southern California, especially people looking to invest in a safe money retirement plan or safe money annuity investment plan in Laguna Woods about how to avoid losing money in the stock market in “The Safe Money System.” Through the book, Hammon describes his money philosophy as a retirement coach, and how his safe money system differs from traditional annuity investing.


Too many people throughout Southern California in Laguna Woods have their nest eggs scrambled by Wall Street, lose access to the equity in their houses and lose faith in the annuity investment world altogether. They need the same ensured annuity investment guidance to retirement planning strategies offered by My Retirement Coach and The Safe Money System’s clients for 30 years about how to keep their money safe. People looking for retirement and annuity investment information in Southern California, specifically financial services in Laguna Woods need to know that there’s a safe money investment strategy alternative to Wall Street’s brainwashing message that you must have risk to get favorable results in your investment plans. Investors need to know who to trust and why in regards to annuity planning in Laguna Woods.


The Safe Money System safe money retirement plans and safe money annuity investment strategies are created for the 90 percent of the people looking to invest in a retirement plan in Laguna Woods who don’t necessarily make a ton of money, but need to know how to protect their can’t afford to lose money in an annuity. The Safe Money System and Randy Hammon works with a lot of civil servants looking for safe money retirement plans, such as schoolteachers, administrators, government workers, fire and police officers in Laguna Woods—hard working investors throughout Southern California who can’t afford to put their savings at risk but do need to have their savings working for them. If you’re trying to keep ahead of the bills, keep your house, put your kids through school or protect your retirement future, especially from unforeseen events that will occur, the Safe Money System provides the best safe money annuity investment strategies for you, based in Southern California.


The Safe Money System’s clients in Laguna Woods and throughout the country receive quality annuity advice from free phone consultations and service when they choose to trust Randy Hammon’s 30 years of experience in not losing a dime of his clients money through his expertise in annuity planning and safe money retirement planning.


Serving Laguna Woods based investors who are interested in securing their financial futures without the risk of Wall Street through finding out more about annuity planning, The Safe Money System, Randy Hammon and the safe money investment strategies and safe money retirement plans that he provides including information about Annuities and Annuity Planning, Fixed Annuities, Women in Financial Transition, Making Wise Decisions with your Retirement Plan Assets, Understanding your Options with your Retirement Plans, Asset Allocation, Budgeting and Debt Elimination, Planning and Paying for College, Coming Down the Homestretch for your Retirement, The ABC’s of Wills and Trusts, The Roth IRA — Insuring Retirement income from Higher Taxes, Protection from I.D. Theft, The ABC’s of Life Insurance, Understanding Your Credit Score.


The Safe Money System and Randy Hammon, founder and author of The Safe Money System and the host of Safe Money System Radio is based out of Orange County, California. Randy Hammon and The Safe Money System hopes to provide for clients, revolutionary and unique financial literacy that will empower them to secure their financial future without the risk of the Wall Street casino.