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The Safe Money System

Credentialed Acclaim for Randy Hammon
& The Safe Money System

Michael Gerber's Praise The Safe Money System Book
Forward by Michael Gerber
Internationally Best Selling Author
of The E-MythTM Books

It's shocking how many poor investment decisions have been portrayed as "financial wisdom" and now those same investment gurus are asking us to trust them again. It's like Lucy and the football. Well, it's time for investors like you to stop playing the role of Charlie Brown.

Read this book. And then read it again.

Because the solution to your financial problem is discussed in thorough detail in this book. Randy Hammon has mastered that solution for you. I first met Randy when he came to the Dreaming Room and we spent two and a half days together. I realized that here was an individual with the courage to stand up to Wall Street and the wisdom to share with investors about keeping their retirement money safe. Best of all, it's not rocket science and it's not complicated.It doesn't require you to put your financial life on the line.

All it calls for is a moral commitment to do the good work, an ethical forbearance to live the right way, and a solid, straightforward willingness to follow the simple path.

Hard to do? I don't think so. Americans have been doing that for generations.

What's hard to do is to repeat the same errors that brought us to where we find ourselves today, as a people, as a nation, as a society that finds itself suddenly economically upside down.  When not that long ago, we were the cream of the universe, envied by all, copied by everyone, thought to be the leaders of the burgeoning new world.
How could so many supposedly smart people be so wrong?
Well, let’s not take any more time thinking about it.

Let’s get on with the book.
And Randy Hammon’s brilliant solution to your financial future.

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Ken Blanchard Ken Blanchard
Co-author of The One Minute Manager®,
Leading at a Higher Level & Founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies

"When I first saw the title The Safe Money System, I thought, 'This might be a little late.' But when I read the book I realized that it's never too late to plan for your financial future.. Let Randy Hammon's smart, safe system be your guide"

Kenneth Hartley Blanchard is an American author and management expert.
His book The One Minute Manager has sold over 13 million copies and has been translated into 37 languages.

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Michael Gerber's Praise Praise from Bob MacDonald-
Former CEO of Allianz Life &
award winning author of:
Beat the System and Cheat to Win

"With this book Randy Hammon has accomplished what many have attempted, but few have achieved. And that is to lay out a clear, simple yet effective path to developing a retirement plan that will stand the test of time. Anyone interested in building a retirement plan that will assure a secure retirement, should start by reading this book."

Robert W. MacDonald has had a phenomenal 41-year career in the financial services industry. He entered the field in 1965 as a life insurance agent for New England Mutual Life in Los Angeles, and retired in 2002 as CEO of Allianz Life of North America and as its chairman in late 2003.

Along the way, MacDonald has authored several highly successful books on business. His latest is Beat The System: 11 Secrets to Building an Entrepreneurial Culture in a Bureaucratic World (John Wiley & Sons, New York). It follows on the heels of his best-selling management book, Cheat To Win – The Honest Way to Break All the Dishonest Rules in Business (Paradon Publishing 2005). His first work was the popular Control Your Future (National Underwriter Press), written for the life insurance industry.

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Gene Bedley Gene Bedley
National PTA educator of the Year,
retired Principal, Educational Consultant, & Author

"I have trusted my retirement planning to Randy Hammon for 25 years. His straight forward solutions to the financial and emotional needs of educators have been a blessing to our family. He has done an amazing job of summarizing his Safe Money System and also his successful philosophy of life. I highly recommend that you enjoy and practice the wisdom in this book."

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