Success Stories: The Texas Belle

Retirement copyIn May of 2010, I received a phone call from a sixty-one-year-old woman in a large city in Texas. A friend of hers had heard about The Safe Money System on the radio and highly recommended it, so she promptly bought it on Amazon.


After our initial discussion, I requested that she fax me her financial statements so that I could review them and generate some ideas before our follow-up phone conference. I was a little blown away when the statements showed $575,000 in Qualified Retirement Plan assets—and she was 100 percent exposed to stock market risk!


After reading the book, she wanted to be safe with her “can’t afford to lose” funds. So at the end of the month, I flew to Texas to meet with her in person. Because I’m licensed in Texas, I was able to help her transfer $475,000 of her funds into several fixed index annuities. I suggested she keep $100,000 in an IRA at her bank for immediate liquidity needs.


Today the woman is very pleased with her significantly reduced risk, and happy to know she will have an income throughout her retirement. And I was very pleased that this savvy lady was smart enough to place that call!




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