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The Safe Money System


Dave & Debbie Ogas, Educators

Dave & Debbie Ogas"Over the past 25 plus years, Randy has proven to be a trusted financial advisor. In a household of two educators on a fixed income, Randy assured us of financial security. Not only have we been advised about retirement decisions, but also the practical and the fun. Randy has helped us live securely as he guided us through the maze of options. The most exciting option to date is the use of the equity of our home — our equity making money for us now and for our future. We thank God for the warm, caring, honest, and consistent guidance Randy has, and will, provided for our family. Our own adult children are now benefiting from his experience and knowledge."

Susan & Ken Horner, Educators

Susan & Ken Horner"Congrats on the new book. We know how much you have done for us over the years. We are looking forward to our retirement...all due to you! We were always amazed at how you were able to take our paychecks and make it so we could contribute to TSAs without lowering our monthly take home pay. We placed our finances in your hands and we are so happy we did."

Bob & Elaina Shultz, Successfully planning for the future

Bob & Elaina Shultz"Randy has managed and utilized our retirement money and real estate equity into a customized plan for our present and future needs. He has given us peace of mind while securing our money with his safe money strategies. We have much comfort knowing that our future is protected."

Vic Domines, Mortgage Professional

Vic Domines"I have known Randy for almost 30 years, and have always admired his ability to solve financial problems. As a mortgage professional, I have entrusted over 100 of my clients to Randy's safe money system in order to create for them liquidity and adequate cash flow for their retirement. I have always been amazed at how simple, but effective his system has always been."

Tom & Gunda Neslund, Retirees

Tom & Gunda Neslund"For over 10 years now, Randy has advised us as to our retirement accounts using his safe money system. Through his efforts we were able to reposition our real estate equity and IRA accounts into the safety of guaranteed annuities that allowed us to replace $30,000 of income at our retirement."

Mike & Carissa Ogas, Successfully planning for the future

Mike & Carissa Ogas"Without Randy, we would be a mess financially. He specializes in taking educators' limited incomes and maximizing your money, making your resources work for you and your lifestyle. He allowed us to buy our first home, which we would have never been able to do. He does a great job explaining what he is doing with your money so you feel comfortable. I wouldn't trust anybody else with our money."

Thanks for all you do Randy!